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   Update: Jukebox fonts are now available from my new website

Below you will find image galleries that display all of my font designs. I began designing typefaces in 2000, and I am most widely recognized for my creation of the Jukebox font library. Since Jukebox launched in 2003, I have seen my fonts used on many national and international products, labeling and merchadise as well as film and television, by companies such as Disney, HGTV, The Food Network, VistaPrint, Southern Comfort and many more.

   CounterPoint Type Studio is an entirely brand new foundry that started in 2013. Recently launched at and Veer as well, my goal with CounterPoint is to continue to bring interesting and fresh type designs to the world. All of the Jukebox designs are still available from Veer. From now on, look to CounterPoint to pick up where Jukebox left off. I invite you to enjoy the samples below! If you choose to purchase any of my fonts, please click on the "Buy Me" links. CounterPoint fonts may also be purchased directly from me with PayPal. Please contact me if interested.

   A hand chosen selection of the Jukebox library is now available on! I am pleased that they are able to come back to where they started!

   A custom typeface can really set you apart from other businesses! I am available for both custom typeface and lettering design, and I offer a pricing structure that can be tailored to your needs. Please email me for more information. Thanks!



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   Jukebox fonts are now available from my new website

   In addition to my own two foundries, I have also created several typefaces for Duetica Lettering Arts Studio, which are showcased below. They specialize in bringing unique fonts to the scrapbooking market that contain 10 to 12 different versions of each letter, allowing the user a more organic, handlettered look. As well as multi-glyphing, some of the fonts contain optional "paints", which you see used in two of the samples below. The colored shapes are actually part of the font and are custom fitted to their partner letters. Duetica has designed easy-to-use software allowing users to choose the different letters right from their keyboard without need for any special graphic design applications or OpenType capabilities. Please click on the samples below to visit their website.




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